Etna is divided into three wards whose boundaries were drawn so that the population of each ward is nearly equal to the others. The break‚down of the wards are as follows:

First Ward

Facing Etna from Route 28 - East Ohio Street, all the homes on the left side of Butler Street, from the entrance to Etna to the ball field, are in the first ward. Some of the streets include Ann, Walnut, High, Christler, and Maplewood.

First ward residents vote at the Calvert Memorial Presbyterian Church on High Street.

Second Ward

Includes all the homes on the right hand side of Butler and Grant Avenue from the Route 28 entrance through the entire borough to the Shaler line. Some of these streets are Cherry, Bridge, Bitner, Kittanning, Greismere, and Highland.

Second ward residents vote at the All Saints Activity Building.

Third Ward

Begins where the first ward ends and includes all the homes on the left side of Grant Avenue from the ball field to the Shaler line. A sample of these streets are Dewey, Spring, Wilson, and Park.

Third ward residents vote at the All Saints Activity Building.

How to Register to Vote

In order to vote in the borough, you must be registered as a citizen of Etna. Registration is easily accomplished by filling out a registration form and sending it to Allegheny County Department of Elections. These forms are usually available at the Borough Office, or may be requested, by phone or letter, from the Elections Department.

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