Zoning Ordinance Rehab

In 2018, ZONING ORDINANCE, NO. 1379, was unanimously adopted by Etna Borough Council. This ordinance is the accumulation of over two years of work by the Borough, first with the adoption of the new Comprehensive Plan, Riverbend, in June of 2014 which included a major goal of a total rehab of our zoning laws. The ordinance may be found on our digital code library located on ecode360 (link on the left 'Zoning'). We thank the committee who participated in the long process and all of those residents who attended public hearings and meetings on both the Comprehensive Plan and the zoning ordinance and for providing their input. We hope and believe this ordinance is one tool that will help us achieve other short and long term goals of our Comprehensive Plan. 

Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer

The Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for acting on zoning and other code violations. Normally, violators will be asked to comply with zoning and other applicable law specifications. If the violator is non-compliant, the Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer has the authority to issue a citation and take the violator before the local magistrate.

When there is new construction or major improvements are to be made to an existing property, the owner must request a building/zoning permit. The Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer examines the application and has the authority to grant or deny the zoning permit in accordance with Borough ordinances and zoning codes.

Building Inspector

Code.sys Code Consulting, Inc.Pennsylvania’s Third Party Inspection Agency, has unsurpassed knowledge and experience to ensure that we provide prompt, accurate service throughout all of their inspections, plan reviews, and other administrative tasks within the community.  Code.sys Code Consulting, Inc. has (ICC / PA UCC) certified Building Code Officials, plans examiners and inspectors performing their job duties in only the disciplines which they have those certifications. Certified inspectors and plan examiners collaborate and work with our community to achieve efficient Building Permit Application Review. The plan review team and inspectors make Code.sys Code Consulting, Inc. a great asset to Etna Borough. 

Code.sys Code Consulting, Inc. offers complete construction documents plan review, permitting, and inspections complying / in accordance with the PA UCC, the International Code Council Building Codes and our community’s local ordinances. Inspectors are experienced and certified to provide you with the most accurate results. The goal of the plan review and inspections is to ensure life safety and sound construction.

321 Grant Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15209
Phone: 412-821-0337

Commercial Registration, Zoning, & Property Maintenance

An Application for Commercial Registration and Zoning Compliance must be completed by any new business before opening such business to ensure it is in compliance with Etna’s zoning ordinance. Owners of rental properties must keep an updated Property Registration Form on file at the Borough Office at all times.

If you are planning to put up a swimming pool, fence, wall or any accessory structure you need a zoning permit.  Zoning and building permits are always required when you are making structural changes to your home or business and for any swimming pool with a depth of 24 inches or greater.  It is always best to check if permits are needed before you start a project to ensure you are in compliance with Borough Ordinances and Building Codes.  Applications for both zoning and building permits are available at the Municipal Building, and can also be found on the left hand menu of this page.

Grass and weeds are to be no higher than 6 inches.  Remember, you are responsible for the maintenance of your entire property including the sidewalk.  Other common maintenance code violations which need addressed are peeling paint, dilapidated fences, walls or sidewalks and an accumulation of rubbish or garbage.  Your cooperation in making Etna safe and aesthetically pleasing is very much appreciated.

Sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours of a snowfall or ice storms per borough ordinance.

Garbage cans must not be placed out prior to 6:00 p.m. or dusk the night before trash pickup and must be taken back in by midnight the following day.

Pets must be kept on a leash when being walked and cleaned up after..

Dumping yard waste (fall leaves, etc.) into any of the streams or storm runs located within the community is illegal. Litter tossed on to the local roads can end up in our combined sewer system and cause serious problems to downstream neighbors. Anyone caught draining oil and other liquids from their vehicle into a storm drain will be prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law allows.

Occupancy Registration & Code Compliance Inspections

Property Owners, ordinance 1091 requires occupancy registration on an annual basis as well as when tenants move in and out of properties. If the property is vacant, we need to know that as well. Accurate occupant information is vital in utility billing and can help you when your properties are vacant as charges are obviously different for vacant properties, but only if timely notification is received by the Borough.

For Code Compliance Inspections related to real estate sales or rentals, please contact the Borough Office at 412-781-0569. Applications can be found on the left hand menu of this page.

Building Permits & Zoning Permits

All construction requires a zoning permit whether a Building Permits is required or not.  Zoning Permits may be acquired through the Borough of Etna, Code Enforcement Office at a cost of $50.00. Call the Borough office before any construction begins.

Building Permit applications are available at the Municipal Building or you can download them from this website.  The Borough’s Building Inspector is Code Sys. Inc.  Their phone number is 412-821-0337. Special regulations are enforced for building permits in the Special Flood Plain Hazard Area under Etna Borough Ordinance No. 1378. Please call 412-781-0569 for more information. The Floodplain Area can be viewed by clicking HERE



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