Etna Borough Council Meeting



7:30 pm



Reports:  Treasurers Report, Expenditures/Bills List/Minutes


Committee Reports:

Police Chief Report – Lead Update; September stats; Allegheny Chiefs Body Worn Camera (BWC) Grant Award; Butler Street Traffic Detail; Fall Qualifications; Etna’s withdrawal from the Allegheny County Fire Police Association

Engineer’s Report – General Engineering – Richard D. Minsterman, P.E.; General – Richard D. Minsterman, P.E.; Etna CSO Reporting- Jennifer J. Slagle, P.E.; 51 Bridge Street Stormwater Management Review – Jennifer J. Slagle, P.E.; Etna Streetscape Phase 5 – 2022 319 Grant – GROW Grant – Jennifer J. Slagle, P.E.; ALCOSAN Regionalization Repair Contract – Robert J. Maher, P.E.; CDBG Year 47 Grant Projects – Michael J. Galet, P.E.; CDBG Year 48 Grant Applications – Robert J. Maher, P.E.; CDBG Year 49 Grant Applications – Robert J. Maher, P.E.; Dewey Street and Spring Street Sewer Separation Project – GROW Grant – Jennifer J. Slagle, P.E.; Ganster Street Demos – Robert J. Maher, P.E.; Etna Streetscape Phase 4 – Jennifer J. Slagle, P.E.



1.) Tom Antos                                                  1.) Etna Police Department



1.) Duquesne Light Co.                                     1.) Updated numbers

2.) 2022 Trail Developers                                 2.) Riverfront Park

3.) Body Camera                                                3.) Adopt Resolution

4.) Police Policy Manual                                    4.) Update

5.) Garbage Contract                                        5.) Update – Accept?

6.) Public Works Update                                   6.) Hiring report

7.) Solicitor’s Review Committee                     7.) Update

8.) Library Funding                                            8.) Report – Chairman Becki

9.) Budget Meeting                                            9.) Nov. 10, 2022

10.) Administrative Committee Report          10.) Mrs. Gabriel

11.) Code Enforcement/Zoning                       11.) Update


Council/Mayor and Manager Reports:


Manager Report – Army Corps/Flood Project; Public Works; Engineering Updates; Etna Riverfront Park and Trail; Assistant Manager Space; Code/Zoning Updates; Duquesne Light “Small Business Direct Install Program”; CONNECT; Land Bank; Reconnecting Communities; ALCOSAN Advisory Board; Light the Night; Pension Distress Scores; Unemployment Compensation Services


Public Comment:


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Ellen Ramage, Secretary/Manager

Event Information

Event Date 10-18-2022 7:30 pm
Event End Date 10-18-2022 9:30 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price FREE

437 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15223   I      (412) 781-0569

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